Done and dusted

Written on March 27, 2011 – 8:37 pm | by john sutton

“The teacher’s in-tray, it’s a hospice where children’s writing goes to die.” Just one of the pithy quotes from Bill Lord in his inspiring, witty and challenging presentation at #CISC11 yesterday. This was followed by Matt Woods showing us how he uses video to stimulate writing, and David Mitchell doing a remarkable double act with Pie Corbett and his Year 6s. Remarkable because Pie was in Middlesbrough, David was in Chorlton and Year 6 at school in Bolton. David used Coveritlive to remotely manage a highly successful literacy lesson which contrasts remarkably with the amount of faff involved in setting up video conferences on school broadband networks. Read the lesson here.

#CISC11 @Peterford showcasing commentpress theme with Binyame... on Twitpic

In the afternoon session, Peter Ford challenged delegates to consider how they gave true responsibility to their bloggers and how they would seek to foster habitual writers that might continue beyond Year 6. He also examined some of the ways that Creative Blogs can facilitate exciting and innovative blogging through the setting up of location based blog projects, inline commenting and gallery based blogs using specialist themes such as Commentpress.

Judging by the feedback received so far, the event was an outstanding success, and we’re turning our thoughts to our next event. If you have an Inset day coming up and you might be interested in hosting such a conference, please get in touch.

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