Matt Woods

Matt is currently Head Of Year 3 at Chorlton Park Primary School and having been on the periphery of ICT within the classroom for a number of years, he has recently realised that it needs to be at the core of his classroom practice.

Matt was invited to co-host a break out session at this years SSAT conference  in Birmingham with Lee Glynn from Hawes Side Primary in Blackpool, on using Web 2.0 to further learning. He has also recently given similar talks at several Headteacher Conferences about an ‘Irresistible Learning’ environment and how we use ICT to aid this.

Through Twitter, Teachmeets and generally ‘sharing’ good practice, Matt has developed his own skills with ICT and been able to pass these on to colleagues and even more importantly been able to use them to help further childrens learning within the classroom and at home.

Matt says, “I’m genuinely excited about using technology to aid learning and am amazed as to how much there is out there that we are able to use…..the problem is choosing what to use and how to implement it into an exciting curriculum. Again, it’s back to networking and bouncing ideas off each other.”

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